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TWP shortlisted for award

We're excited to learn that TWP have made the national shortlists for the Creative Lives Awards, which celebrate the many ways in which volunteer-led and community organisations have responded creatively to the pandemic.

For us, it was essential to do everything we could to keep our women connected during lockdowns. Many of us already suffered from chronic illnesses, disabilities, and anxious mental health conditions. The sisterhood and support that we found so valuable under normal circumstances became essential when lockdown isolation and health fears became heightened.

Not only did we move our usual twice-monthly workshops online to keep things going, we also developed different ways to make sure everyone's needs were met - from Otter live captions on Zooms for deaf members, to simultaneous Facebook chats for autistic and chronically-fatigued sisters who couldn't cope with Zooms at all.

We added in more activity - poetry penpals wrote to one another, volunteers led social walks outdoors all across Teesside, and we rallied the troops to write and video poems for Festival of Thrift and National Poetry Days.

From that first, frantic, ever-changing year of pandemic we have built a strong membership, gained more funding, and ended up running Zoom open mics, creative writing walks, and special workshops for local charities.

We're so proud of what we've achieved "in these unprecedented times", and we couldn't be happier to be acknowledged by this fantastic award.

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